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The Happy Kit Mini

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Grizzly Originals™ Vgrinder är gjord utav aluminium med flygplansstandard med en specialdesign för aromaterapiblandningar. Den är inte bara snygg men också väldigt funktionell. En tre nivå grinder med diamantmalningständer och en upptagningsbehållare. Vi rekommenderar starkt denna grinder för att få bästa möjliga resultat för din blandning. Den har en livstidsförsäkring och räkna med att den kommer hålla i all evighet!

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NamasteVapes Rengöringsmedel (30ml) Den perfekta storleken flaska vaporizer och tillbehör rengöringslösning, är vår speciella renare formel lätt appliceras via bekväm sprayflaska. Hur man använder NamasteVapes rengöringslösning   Inkluderar: 1 x NamasteVapes Rengöringsmedel 30ml Sprutflaska

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Carry Happiness everywhere you go

The Happy Kit Mini is an awesome little kit to store all your day to day smoking equipment in. It's small enough to fit in most pockets, has a zip to keep all the contents stored inside and is virtually smell proof so you don't need to worry about odors leaking out. With such a small size you will always be able to find space to take it with you so there should never be an excuse for not taking your smoking accessories out with you.

Happy Kit Mini Features
  • Zip-lock case
  • One hitter pipe
  • 1 1/4" Papers
  • Filter Tips
  • Storage pouch
  • Tool

Happiness comes in small packages


Sometimes when you're in a rush to get out of the house it can be easy to forget things that you later regret. That's where the Happy Kit Mini comes to save the day. Never again will you not have the space for all your day to day smoking equipment. Never again will you frantically have to search for your filter tips. With everything neatly stored in one convenient place, you can always be sure of where all your favorite smoking tools are at any given time.

A one-hitter pipe is included in the kit, disguised as a partially smoked cigarette. This gives you added stealth when smoking in public and wanting to keep a low profile. The one-hitter holds just enough herbs for one quick hit.

A packet on 1 1/4" papers are included too so you'll always be ready to roll up your herbs when on the move. The papers are a classic size and can be rolled in varying ways. 100% hemp has been used to create the papers making them more environmentally friendly.

A tool is also included in the kit which can be used to help clear and ash which gets caught in the one-hitter and is also great for packing down your rolls to ensure a slower, more even burn. 

The Happy Kit Mini also comes with a small storage pouch inside for any other small accessories.


4 x 2.5 x 1.5" 

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