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The Happy Kit Deluxe

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Grizzly Originals™ Vgrinder är gjord utav aluminium med flygplansstandard med en specialdesign för aromaterapiblandningar. Den är inte bara snygg men också väldigt funktionell. En tre nivå grinder med diamantmalningständer och en upptagningsbehållare. Vi rekommenderar starkt denna grinder för att få bästa möjliga resultat för din blandning. Den har en livstidsförsäkring och räkna med att den kommer hålla i all evighet!

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NamasteVapes Rengöringsmedel (30ml) Den perfekta storleken flaska vaporizer och tillbehör rengöringslösning, är vår speciella renare formel lätt appliceras via bekväm sprayflaska. Hur man använder NamasteVapes rengöringslösning   Inkluderar: 1 x NamasteVapes Rengöringsmedel 30ml Sprutflaska

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Carry Happiness everywhere you go

 The Happy Kit Deluxe is the perfect pick up and go solution to keeping all your favourite smoking equipment neatly and safely stored away in an all-in-one case. This is great for those impromptu plans or just those times when you’re running late. It’s durable and has a zip to keep everything from falling out into your bag or pocket. With everything packed into one conveniently sized space, there’s never an excuse for forgetting your smoking tools again.  

  • Virtually smell proof case
  • 3 inch glass pipe (colors vary)
  • Acrylic grinder
  • 1 ¼” Rolling Papers
  • One Hitter Pipe
  • Plastic joint protection
The Happy Kit Deluxe

The key to happiness...


Happy times will follow you around if you carry the Happy kit with you. Whether it be yourself that needs a happiness boost or one of your friends, the Happy kit will always be on hand ready to put smiles back on the faces of those who need it. The Deluxe kit comes with a number of ways in which it can do this without leaking too much odour.

The 1 ¼” papers are a classic design which pair perfectly with the included tips. These are great when out socialising with a group of friends.

Varying in color (we all like surprises, right?) and sticking to the classic spoon design the glass pipe is great for both personal use and sharing at parties. The glass is highly resistant to heat and the bowl holds a generous amount of herbs. Keeping the pipe clean is easy with the use of screens, pipe cleaners and isopropyl alcohol. Bring only 3 inch long makes it nice and easy to conceal in your palm too.

If you just need a quick happiness boost for yourself then the one-hitter is the tool for you. The ultimate hidden in plain sight smoking tool gives you just one quick hit disguised as a partially smoked cigarette. Just lightly pack the end with your dry herb of choice and light it like a normal cigarette and lightly inhale. 

If you prefer to plan ahead then the plastic joint protector is what you'll love most about this kit. Use the papers, tips and grinder to roll up your favourite herbs and then place it inside the plastic tube to keep your creation from any potential impact or water damage. Then when you get the urge to smoke you won’t have to spend any time rolling.

The acrylic grinder has sharp interlocking teeth that can easily grind their way through dry herbs to give you a bigger surface area and a more consistent material to pack. Around the edges of the grinder are grips to help with those stickier herbs that need a little extra force. 

The kit also includes space for a lighter and a pouch for anything else you may need to take with you.


4.2” x 5” x 2”

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