Milky Beaker Bong

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  • Milky Beaker Bong
  • Milky Beaker Bong
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Milky Beaker Bong

by Grace Glass

Grace Glass are becoming a world renowned name in the Bong & Glass world. By continuously producing high quality attractive pieces, they have managed to create a name for themselves in this highly competitive market. The Milky Beaker Bong is a perfect example of this. Implementing a spiral percolator into their design, Grace Glass were ensuring that only the smoothest hits reached your mouthpiece.

An extremely impressive unit to look at, The Milky Beaker Bong is exactly what you want from a bong. Its impressive features aren't sacrificed for looks and vice versa. It is the perfect mid range priced bong for every occasion and is particularly imposing to hold, you can sense the quality in the build simply by having it in your hand.

Technical Specifications

Brand - Grace Glass

Diffuser - Slitted

Height - 331mm

Joint - Female

Joint Size - 18.8mm

Material - Glass

Mouthpiece - Straight

Percolator - Spiral/Coil

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Milky Beaker Bong
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