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Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer Produkt Recension

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NamasteVapes Sweden 05/09/2015

Video Transcription

Hey guys, this is Kory from Namaste Vapes and thanks for tuning in. Today I'm really excited to bring you the brand new Haze Version 3. This is the new revision of the Haze 2.5. They've made some great improvements on this unit. It's probably the most versatile vaporizer on the market today. It's compatible with dry herbs, waxes, oils, concentrates. It's got two chambers you can use and flip between them, and on top of that you get convection screens and conduction screens, so there's a lot of value with this vaporizer. I really, really enjoy it. It's nice and portable and slick. We're going to do an unboxing, a review and a demonstration. We'll talk about this vape and the benefits. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks

Okay guys, so here is the Haze Dual Version 3 box. Let's open it up and see what you get. You open it up here, you have the instruction manual which is really helpful. This is very comprehensive. There's a lot of accessories that come wit this vaporizer. You have your convection screens, your conduction screens, your different mouthpieces. This talks about everything, and the benefits of each of the different parts that you might want to utilize, so I would suggest reading this instruction manual. It is very helpful. Here we have the Haze unit itself. You can see, is nice and slick unit, very portable, very stylish and modern looking unit. So this is the vaporizer unit itself.

You have your two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so again it's a great benefit with this vape to have these batteries you can recharge as you go. You have with this vaporizer, two mouthpieces. You have an all glass mouthpiece and a stainless steel mouthpiece. You can have the option of using either of these. The stainless steel one you'll get a cooler vapor and you get great flavor out of the glass one, so again, Haze, all about options, guys. You get lots of options even on your mouthpieces. On the inside of the box here, you're going to see this is your dual battery charger that you can charge these batteries with. These are 2600 milliamp batteries. You can get the extended 3200 milliamp-hour batteries from Haze. They're called the XL batteries. So this is your charger. Recommended: 4-6 hours on the initial charge.

Then you have here a nice little cleaning brush that comes with the kit. It's got two sides here, so it's very convenient, versatile tool for cleaning out your chamber after you're done. We always recommend cleaning your vaporizer; it's going to work better that way. This is a nice little material tool: Tweezers on one side, a little scoop on the other, a shovel you can use for your raw materials as well. Nice little accessory that comes with it. You know what's really cool to talk about with the Haze, the original one, 2.5 and this one, they have these convection and conduction screens.

You get convection and conduction screen with the Haze; as you did always, but one of the new additions that they made to this, when I open up the unit here, you can see these are the dual chambers right there, so this little guy here, is a new dry herb canister, so this is something new. Instead of using the conduction and the convection screens, you can actually pre-load these chambers and take them on the go with you. You can buy extras of these, load them up and keep them. They have a nice little accessory I'm going to show you afterwards, too, where you can put these in the side. This is an herb canister, so it's different than these screens which are obviously open, and you load them up and put them directly into the chamber. But with this one, you can pre-pack it, drop it into the chamber. That's how I tested this vaporizer, and I found it worked very well.

Lastly, you have these oil canisters here, which are interesting because it allows the versatility if you want to use waxy sort of concentrates. You can open this up and once you take out the silicone lid you'll see there's a cotton wick inside of here. The cotton wick is if you want to use liquidy substances like e-juices or those types of concentrates that have a much thinner consistency. But if you want to use wax or something like that, what you can do is you can just take out this pad that's on the inside here, and just get your concentrate, your waxy concentrates directly into this canister here and vaporize it at a higher temperature that way.

Again, with the Haze V3 I have here, you have the ultimate versatility. You can use all different types of materials with it: Dry herbs, concentrates, waxes and oils. Even then, you have options with the different types of screens that are available. Different mouthpieces, as well. On top of all that, with the vaporizer you can pack two different chambers. Say I wanted to put in my convection screen for dry herbs here and then I want to have my wax or my oil in this canister, I can pop both of those into the unit like that, and when I want to turn it on, the benefit is you can flip this switch side to side. You see on one side you have a filled in circle here, and this is a hollow one here.

That basically corresponds to the labeling of these two chambers here. If I have this one loaded up with dry herbs and then I have this one with an oil or a concentrate in here, I can choose which one I want to use by just flipping this to either side. Then basically what you do is you insert your mouthpiece directly in here. You can use the glass one or the stainless steel one. Ironically, I actually dropped the glass one earlier today and I was amazed that it didn't crack. It just goes to show you it's nice quality. That's how those goes in there. So this is your mouthpiece. Then the battery loads in right in the bottom here, so you put plus goes up, load that in once it's charged.

Once you have this open, see when it's closed right there it's off. When I want to use one of the chambers I flip this to one side, I put my mouthpiece in and then right here you'll see I can press the top temperature select button and it's going to cycle through the four different temperature settings: 1, 2, 3, 4. Once you do that, you can set your temperature. I prefer the 3rd temperature setting on this unit. It's going to go ahead and start heating up just like that. We're going to do a little demonstration of this unit today. I'm going to clear off this stuff here so you can get a better view and see how it works. We're going to put some dry herbs into this vape right now and show you the quality of vapor production we get with the Haze 3. I really enjoyed using this unit, so we're going to show you a little demo.

Okay guys, so you an see, excellent performance, good vapor production on the Haze V3 unit here. Okay guys, so you can see right there, excellent vapor production with the Haze 3. Whether you want to use this with concentrates, e-liquids or dry herbs you're going to get great performance out of this unit. It's got excellent battery life with the rechargeable batteries, different options for the screen. This is by far the most versatile portable vaporizer we've seen yet. It just offers so much value for the price of the unit. This is the new Version 3. Great upgrades on the original.

One really cool thing I just want to show you before we go, is now these mouthpieces can actually be stored in the unit directly, so you don't have to worry about carrying a mouthpiece with you on the go. You slide this down, the unit closes up like that. You can use the mouthpiece, keep it in there so you don't have to interchange it at any time, or carry a spare mouthpiece along with you. So this is the Haze guys: Great unit, good quality, very versatile, performs awesome. We're expecting this to be a great seller. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, hope you like the Haze V3. Thanks for checking out the video today, guys. Peace and blessings. Namaste.

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