Vapir Prima Vaporizer Recension

on Sep 01, 2015

Hi NamasteVapes™ Fans!

For this week’s blog post we wanted to talk about the brand new Prima vaporizer which has just hit the market! The Prima is made by Vapir who also make the NO2 and Vapirise units, both of which are well-built and great vaporizers. The Prima is a new addition to their line and is a small, portable dry herb vaporizer but is also compatible with oils and concentrates. We had the opportunity to be the first company to review the Prima! Check out our video review with Namaste Kory!

The Prima vaporizer is primarily a conduction based unit which works by heating the herbs inside of a stainless steel chamber and the vapor which is produced travels through a stainless steel pathway that provides a nice cooling effect to the vapor and clean taste.

Prima vaporizer Stainless Steel Prima Vaporizer Removable Stainless Steel Air Pathway

One interesting thing to note is that when you remove the heating chamber cover to expose the chamber itself, that the Prima comes with a stainless steel concentrate pad placed at the bottom of the chamber. That means that right out of the box you can enjoy the Prima with oils or waxes and also pack dry herbs in to the chamber with this screen in place. This is the recommended method of use from the manufacturer. As with many conduction vaporizers its very important to fully pack the chamber with your dry herbs to get the best results. If you’re wanting to be more conservative with your materials you can use another concentrate screen to pack the herbs down on the top as well to get great results but with a smaller amount of material!

Vapir Prima Heating Chamber
Prima Heating Chamber with Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad

Operating the Prima vaporizer is simple with one-button controls. To turn the vaporizer on you simply hold down the button for five seconds. Note that a momentary press of the button will display the Prima’s current battery life. Once the unit is on you can select one of four temperature settings. From my review I found the third setting to be the most comfortable temperature with good quality vapor production. The Prima heats up quickly and in most cases in under one minute. The temperature display LED’s will flash and then turn solid green in sequence until the unit reaches set temperature. Once the LED’s are all solid green you are ready to begin your session! From testing the unit we found a long slow draw or quick ‘sipping’ from the Prima to be effective (similar to the two ways recommending in drawing from a Pax or Pax 2) . Overall the vapor produced with this unit is thick and flavorful and slightly on the hotter side but they have a solution for that! Vapir will soon be releasing a 14mm mouthpiece that will be compatible with our NamasteVapes 14mm water tool . The affect of the water tool will be a cooler smoother vapor when operating the unit at higher temperatures.

The Prima has a pre-set 5-minute auto-shut off time to conserve battery life. The Prima will shut itself off regardless if you are using it or not after 5 minutes. There is an option to extend the auto-shut off time by double clicking the button during a session at any point. This will extend your session to a maximum 7 minutes before the unit will shuts off. 5-7 minutes of use given the chamber size on the Prima make sense.

Cleaning the Prima is very simple as the chamber can easily be cleaned with a provided brush and the entire stainless steel vapor pathway can be removed from the unit to soak in cleaning solution or you can use ourNamaste Vapes cleaing solution for best results.

Cleaning Prima Air Pathway
Cleaning the Prima Air Pathway with provided brush
Our overall feedback on the Prima is that it is a high quality unit that is well built and it is obvious that a lot of thought and consideration went in to the design. The Prima performs at the same level as many premium vaporizers and is priced at retail in the same category. The Prima is a stylish portable that offers great results. What really sets the Prima apart is how great it is to use with dry herbs but also with concentrates. We’ve tested the unit with various aromatherapy blends as well as our new CBD oil with amazing results!

The Prima vaporizer by Vapir is a great little unit that is now available (for pre-order) with NamasteVapes. If you have any questions about the Prima or any other vaporizers we are here to help!
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